5 Powerful Marketing Techniques That You Must Know Right Away

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Powerful Marketing Techniques That You Must Know Right Away

Getting introduced to the digital world of Marketing is astonishing. But a lot of questions arise when you delve deep into it. Questions like:

  • What skills do you need to master for a particular domain?
  • How does marketing work in the real world?
  • How to build the trust of people?
  • Why should we choose digital marketing?
  • How to set up a business online?
  • How to sell your business/product?

And I’m sure there are a lot more questions like these.

If these are the questions that arise in your mind, then you have come to the right place. concepts

In this article, I will explain the Fundamentals of Marketing, How Digital Marketing is similar to the traditional way of marketing, How to build trust with your audience, What is the correct way to sell your product? How you can use different specialties of marketing together to grow your business.

This article is useful for all the newbies in marketing, who want to set up a new business, entrepreneurs, social media marketers, bloggers, professionals, and freelancers.

Before we deep dive into Marketing, let us understand the basics of Marketing.

Getting The Basics Clear

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People often confuse Marketing and Sales. They think that it is the same.

So let us discuss the difference between Marketing and Sales.

Marketing is a way to tell people about your product, business, or any other thing that you want people to be aware of and to grab their attention. It is a way to educate your target audience about your business or product.

There are several ways to do marketing. You can choose which type of marketing will suit your target audience. Some of them are:

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Pay-Per-Click Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Print Marketing

Sales, on the other hand, are used to convert your leads, generated over with Marketing. It is the responsibility of the Sales Team. Sales often happen as a one-to-one conversation between the seller and the customer. People trust people.

Marketing and Sales are equally essential for your business to let people know about your company and what is in for them. Sending the right message at the right time to your audience is the correct way of Marketing.

A lot of marketers out there think their work is over after they have sold their product/service. It is wrong! Your customers are not stupid. So make sure you provide excellent assistance by communicating with them if they are facing any issue, to keep them happy, and to make sure they are your customers till the end.

Why do this?

Because, if you keep your customers happy, they might buy your new product in the future, and also these same customers might bring you more customers (their friends, family, colleagues, etc.) as people trust other people through word of mouth.

Now that you know the difference, let us get into the depth of Marketing and why it is crucial.

Why is Marketing Important?

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Marketing is the crux of your business or the crucial point of your business.

Even if you become an expert in marketing your product will not sell unless your product is in demand. People might not want your product. If there is a market for your product, make sure that your product is exceptional.

Your business need not be the best in the market, but make sure you have a Unique-Selling-Point (USP). USP will help you stand out from your competitors (if you have any).

That is how you build your identity. Do not worry if you cannot be the best in the market, but make sure that you be the best in what you do.

It looks exciting, right? Let us see further why you should learn about marketing.

Why should you learn Marketing?

  1. More Awareness: You will become more aware of the industry and the environment around you. No matter where you are, you will learn to adapt, check, and think more clearly.
  2. Clear Decisions: You will be able to make clear decisions when you are aware of your surroundings and ready to take action at any given moment. You will analyze every situation, given the data.
  3. Learn to Listen: As the main crux of marketing is to understand your audience, Marketers develop the habit of listening, understanding, taking action, and helping their customers.
  4. Better tactics: When you understand your surroundings, audience, have a clear vision, and have all the data that you need, you will make better tactics that are best for your company.

So now that we know the benefits, let us go further to see the difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing.

Let us discuss some of the differences between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing

The point here is that even though Traditional Marketing is the old way of marketing, it does not mean that people do not use it. For example, television advertisements these days reach out to more than 190 million people who have a TV in their house.

Here your queries are not answered. It does not mean that traditional marketers do not know what their audience wants.

Here is where Digital Marketing enters.

In Digital Marketing, most of the time, your queries are answered right away. For example, you want to search which are the best clay pots store near me, the search engine will immediately give you the list of stores near you.

Even though the digital medium has a customer base that is less compared to the traditional medium, Digital Marketing makes it easier to reach your target audience.

Now that you are aware of both Traditional and Digital marketing. Let us understand the factors that you need to consider and master to be a master of Marketing. We will do this by learning the concept of the CATT Marketing Funnel.

CATT Marketing Funnel

Selecting a Niche

Understand what you enjoy and also that you are ready to do it for the long term. The things that you must consider before niche selection are:

  1. Does it have a market?
  2. Do you have a passion for it?
  3. Do you have talent?

Make sure the answer to all these questions is Yes!, if not, consider thinking of some other niche.

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Now let us understand what CATT stands for:

  • C — Content: Your content must be excellent, attractive, engaging, and full of information. You can do this by planning, research, and then conveying in a format that catches the attention of the audience.
  • A — Attention: After creating a good piece of content, make sure it reaches out to your target audience. You can do this by using advertisements, emails, etc.
  • T — Trust: After gaining the attention of your audience, instead of selling your product, first build trust with them. Assure them that you are not violating their privacy, make them believe you want the best for them. Give them free e-books, a subscription to your letters, also ensure them that their information is safe with you, etc. After you gain their trust, if in the future, you decide to sell a premium product that is priced higher, they might consider buying it from you because they trust you.
  • T — Transaction: After all these steps, go on and explain your product/business to them. Make them understand that your product will help them solve their problem. In this way, you will be able to convert your hard work into money.

So, we can drive the formula for wealth. That is: Wealth = n ^ CATT

It means that the better you are at the fundamentals of your particular niche, the more cash inflow.

It is the best way that you can consider if you want to work and convert your work into money.

I know what you are thinking, how will you gain the trust of your audience? Trust is the crux and the foremost thing that you need to master for your business to sell.

Worry not as I will cover everything. I will explain to you how to build a mass trust of the people. For that, you need to understand how different marketing strategies will help you in your online business approach. It is called Integrated Digital Marketing.

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Integrated Digital Marketing

After mastering the skills required for your niche, you need to know how you can use these skills together so that your business booms.

The domains that you need to consider for your business to sell are:

  1. Email marketing
  2. Paid advertisement
  3. SEO
  4. Content marketing
  5. Social media
  6. How to sell and convert.

The picture explains how these domains work together.

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You might be wondering why they work the best together? It is because, individually, they might work at their full potential, but they will not have a huge impact. When considering the domains together, we can reach a larger audience, create more awareness in the online world.

Now that you have mastered all the domains that are necessary for your business to grow, you are confident enough that you will do great in the online world, but you still have that one question in mind, which is: How do I build trust?

You can gain their trust by building your brand. Let us call it a blueprint of gaining trust. Let us see how to approach this problem.

Personal brand: Gaining Mass trust

The definition says that,

“Personal branding is the practice of marketing people and their careers as brands. It is an ongoing process of developing and maintaining a reputation and impression of an individual, group, or organization. Whereas some self-help practices focus on self-improvement, personal branding defines success as a form of self-packaging.”

Why Personal Brand?

Well, let me tell you:

  1. People do not trust brands easily. It would be difficult for a new brand to approach a new customer and convince them to trust them. People will only trust other people’s opinions. So even if you have a handful of an audience and also your product is fabulous, there are high chances that you get recommended to other people.
  2. Even if other brands offer a similar product to yours and also a better one, it does not matter as long as you have an audience. You have their trust. So your product will sell more. Example: Elon musk is a personal brand. People trust Elon. It is this is the reason why Tesla and SpaceX are big companies today.
  3. You are your boss.
  4. The only downside of having a Personal Brand is that nobody can buy your brand. It will be weird if someone buys you. But the advantage is that if in the future you decide to build a company that is separate from your brand, people will trust you and buy from you. Who knows a big company might buy your company and might pay you an enormous sum.

So how do you build a Personal Brand?

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You need to consider these factors to build your brand:

  1. Learn: First, learn all the skills that are required. Understand how you will use these skills to build something that you want (a product or service). Understand the concepts and then practice. You will learn better when you practice more.
  2. Work: After becoming a master of the skills acquired, make sure you apply everything that you learned in the real-life world. You can do this through freelancing, a job, or by doing some internships.
  3. Blog: Take this journey of learning, practice, and implementation out to the world. Write down everything in a blog that you have learned so far so that your audience knows how you grew over the years. It will help all the other people who are new to this field.
  4. Consult: Now that you have become an expert in your niche, you can consult other people who are new to this field. Give them advice, how to approach a problem, help them. You can consider consulting big companies too.
  5. Mentor: Help other people who want to become like you. Help them, guide them, correct their mistakes, and keep them away from the mistakes that you have done in the past. In this way, it will save time.
  6. Startup: Now that you have become an expert, start up your own company, build products, and sell.

Does it sound hard? No right?

When you break down a huge problem into small problems, it becomes easy to achieve it.

Let us sum up everything that we have learned.


You should also know why you want to do marketing. If you have decided to do it, what is the niche you must select before stepping into the online world? The difference between Digital and Traditional Marketing must be known. Digital is just a medium of marketing. There are more similarities than dissimilarities.

A new and revised concept called the CATT marketing funnel discusses how content, attention, trust, and transaction. One should be well versed with it and should follow that for maximum benefits. Gaining expertise in only one topic is not sufficient for the business to grow. Different topics should be known and the niche that you select must be polished again and again in this technology-changing world. It is known as integrated digital marketing.

Finally, gaining trust is one of the most crucial steps. It can be broken into smaller goals to achieve.

You could also read more about how to understand people and the way they think. It will help you in making better decisions.

So do you think that now, it looks simpler? Achievable?

Let me know in the comments below and feel free to ask any questions below.

Have a great day!


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