How To Insanely Generate Leads For Your Business – Now Simplified

Generate Leads

You might often face problems generating Traffic and Leads to your Website, particular Links, Social Media Posts, Reels, Affiliate links, Blogs, and more.

It is tough to gain people’s attention.

Moreover, it is tougher to convince them to take a particular action.

I have faced a lot of problems in my early days while directing traffic to my Website.

Generating Traffic is one of the main pillars to run a successful business.

The content/product/service that you create can become popular if it gets attracted by huge Targeted Traffic.

What is Targeted Traffic?

What is Targeted Traffic you ask?

Before we see how to generate Traffic, we must understand what is Traffic?

In simple terms, Traffic refers to random Users who visit a particular piece of content. (It can be anything mentioned above)

Targeted Traffic is similar, but here, you redirect people who are actually interested in your content/product/service.

Yes, you read that right. You do not need a huge traffic source to Run a Successful Business.

All you need are people

  • Who is interested in what you do.
  • Who likes your content/product/service.
  • Who likes your idea.

You just have to find them. Then all you have to do is convert these people to your customers.

Then see how your Business skyrockets.

What Are Leads?

Traffic! Traffic! Traffic!
What the hell is this Traffic? What is a Lead? What is a Customer Avatar? What is a Target Audience?

There are a lot of names given to the Users who eventually become your customers in the future.

I refer to them as “Leads”.

In simple terms, this is the audience that will help your business grow who will be the consumers of your product or services.

So what is a Lead actually? How do you get them? Do you need their phone number, address, IP address?

No! Not at all.

For a business, to reach out to your potential customers, all you need is their –

  • Name
  • Email ID

For some cases, an Email ID is enough. You can ask for their phone number only if you think they are going to buy your product or service.

This is because a lot of people hesitate to enter their Phone Numbers. I usually skip asking phone numbers. What I focus is on collecting their Email ID.

Using these details –

  • You can have a conversation with them.
  • Pitch your product or services.
  • Invite them to a Webinar or Live Events.
  • Build a connection with them.
  • and a lot you can think of.

I have also written a detailed article on how just by using ONE FORMULA, you can generate insane leads for your business.

You can Click Here to see the article.

You be the judge, you have the power here. But remember, “With great power comes great responsibility” – Peter Parker

People trust you and give you their information, you should not misuse it.

Now don’t confuse the leads as your followers. The people on social media who follow you, your Friends, Family members, your Fans, or even Subscribers are NOT YOUR LEADS!

(I just realized that most of them start with the letter “F” 😜 Stay away from anything that starts with “F”)

They are people who just like your content and not the people who are ready to buy your product or services.

So to sum it all up,

A Lead is a person who shows interest in a brand’s products or services and then converting them into buyers. In short, your future customers.

Also, if you have any kind of questions, do comment down below in the comment section. I’ll be happy to answer them. 😊

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