About Me

Hello there,

My name is Vaibhav Sherekar, and I am the Owner and Founder of this website.

I am a 23-year-old Digital Marketer and a Blogger.

I specialize in Affiliate Marketing and help businesses and entrepreneurs achieve better outreach of their products and services.

I started this blog to solve the problems that we, as curious technology enthusiasts, face difficulty selecting the best technology currently in the market.

What Is The Universal Information All About?

The Universal Information is the blog that will guide you to select the best technology in the market.

I will talk and try to cover up all the hardware and software needs you require. If you want me to write a detailed review of any technology, do contact me.

This blog will help you find the perfect gadget, software, or hardware that will suit you according to your budget, lifestyle, features, and needs.

My Story

I started getting interested in technology in 2012, and I loved different kinds of mobiles with variations of features.

Slowly slowly, I gained immense knowledge in these gadgets and moved on to other categories like TVs, washing machines, computers, and a lot.

I used to share my knowledge with parents, cousins, friends, and anyone I met to help them choose the best gadget.

But I thought, if I have soo many problems in selecting a single piece of gadget, I have to do extensive research beforehand to get the best value for money.

I wanted to share this knowledge with the world, I wanted to help people and solve their problems that I face. This introduced me to Blogging.

It all started during pandemic, where I decided to explore the world of Digital Marketing.

I came across lots of platforms where I could learn Digital Marketing and gained immense knowledge.

Now with the help of this blog, I aim to solve your problems. You don’t need to worry and do all the extensive research before buying something on the internet.

Because I will do that for you.

Why you ask?

Because I love to explore new things about technology, it is my passion.

So stay tuned to this blog and subscribe to my newsletter for the latest updates and articles.

Thank you for reading till the end.

Signing off,
Vaibhav Sherekar